Purpose and Scope

This (mostly) regular blog series is a new addition to the site, and is intended to provide a steadier stream of content than can be done purely through posting academic articles. Those take quite a bit of time to research and write, and while I think it’s always important that such are crafted in a way that they’re widely accessible – otherwise what is the point, really? – the length and depth of a typical journal paper can admittedly be intimidating (and/or frustrating). Thus this fresh feature, to be placed here on the Home page, and to be easier and less demanding to read but still (I hope) providing comparable grounds for reflection with the many excellent pieces archived in our other pages. One of our goals has always been to liberate these words from the confines of the institutions and baleful scholarly echo chambers we tread, and I think a looser and freer direction might better facilitate that. After all, this is a site composed of a group of people trying to understand the numinous push inherent in we human animals; let us therefore open up a bit, undo our cufflinks, slacken our collars, and talk, really talk.

As far as an outline goes, for myself I’m thinking to begin a commentary series on the book of Genesis using the Hebrew Bible NJPS Tanakh translation as a basis, taking it a chapter at a time. My approach will be via some streams in Continental Philosophy, the so-called ‘theological turn’ within phenomenology, and building on work I’ve been attempting towards contributing to a ‘weak God/“God”’ conceptual architecture. This should provide a good overall framing, and as I’m not terribly creative (I have enough difficulty just coming up with daily tweets for us) the ‘one after another’ aspect will no doubt be appreciated: by me, naturally, but with luck more so by readers. This page will also, however, remain very open to guest posts and interruptions to the schedule; please contact us using the form in the right-hand sidebar if you would like to add something. Similarly, comments or queries regarding what’s posted here are fully welcome, and I and/or other authors shall do our best to respond when called for or desired. Again, the idea here is dialogue: respectful and considered interaction. May it be fruitful.

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